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  • How can Independent schools prepare for an uncertain future underneath a potential new Government?
  • What is the future of the inspection system and how will Ofsted and the Independent Schools Inspectorate move to working together?
  • How can schools continue to attract top students and deliver a value for money service in the face of rising fees?
  • In what way are independent schools affected by negative stigma and how can this be contested?

  • How can schools ensure that curriculums are structured in a way which allows students to transition seamlessly into university?
  • Which university subjects are increasing or declining in popularity amongst students and what are the implications of this?
  • Is post-16 education adequate to ensure that pupils are equipped for higher education?
  • Which subjects lead to the greatest outcomes over the long-term when studied at university?

  • Exploring the franchise model for overseas schools; enabling UK independent schools to welcome more students abroad and increase income needed for bursaries
  • Learning from the schools that have successfully opened franchises abroad; the challenges, pitfalls and results

  • What are the impacts of TPS changes to school affordability and workforce pay, and how can independent schools design their salary scales and pension agreements with this in mind?

  • How can the independent schools work effectively with the state sector in order to improve access for lower income families?
  • What are the implications and results of co-funded schemes for independent schools who have participated in them?
  • How can independent schools continue to deliver an exceptional yet cost-effective service in light of reduced income?