Case Study with ModuleK

Building a bespoke modular solution to suit Bloxham School’s need for new classrooms

For many independent schools, constructing a new building can seem a daunting task. The bursar of Bloxham School knew he had to find a creative way to utilise a space that seemed unusable, whilst sticking to tight deadlines, and keeping to budget…something that seemed virtually impossible.

This is what Modulek did for Bloxham School. Modulek worked with the Bursar and Headteacher of Bloxham School to design and manufacture a fully bespoke modular solution that could be delivered during the school holidays, whilst using a space that had limited options, and keeping to budget.

The new building had to blend in with the existing listed buildings…something that Bloxham School couldn’t believe could be done with modular construction methods. Modulek’s award winning design team did it.

The Modulek tailor made solution meant that Bloxham School had a new building delivered into a previously unusable space, on budget, in half the time of a traditional building project.

“The single most important thing that impressed me about my experience with Modulek was the ability to build with minimal disruption to the school”
– Bursar, Bloxham School

See how they did it here: