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To ensure that our emails are recognised and land in the correct inbox, please be sure to add our domain to your safe sender list by following these simple steps to amend your settings:

Outlook Desktop

  • Right-click our email in your Inbox email list pane
  • On the menu displayed move your mouse over or tap Junk
  • Click or tap on ‘Never block sender’ in the menu that rolls out
  • The resulting popup will say: ‘The sender of the selected message has been added to your Safe Senders List.’
  • Click ‘OK’

Outlook Web

  • Open the email from …
  • Click the “Wait it’s safe” link
  • Mark Sender as “Wait it’s safe!”

iPhone Mail App (iOS)

  • Open your mail app and scroll down to the Junk Folder
  • Find the email you’d like to whitelist and slide your finger left to see options
  • Tap the ‘More’ button, and then ‘Mark…’ button
  • Select “Mark as Not Junk”
  • This will then move the email to your Inbox and any mail from this address will go straight to your inbox and not your Junk

Google (G-suite)

  • Navigate to the spam folder
  • Search for emails containing the domain you wish to whitelist
  • Select all the emails shown
  • Click ‘More’ and then ‘Not spam’