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Ben Hayson

CEO - Nordic Chem

Ben has been at the forefront of protective coatings for over 20 years.

As Managing Director of the Hayson Group, a well-known property development company in Sydney Australia, Ben worked with antimicrobial hygiene technology as well as protective coatings for the commercial, industrial and residential real estate market. These coatings are being used to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi, whilst also protecting the substrates from corrosion and abrasion in the harshest of environments.

In 2015, Ben introduced the brand HydroSilex to the Australasian and European marketplace. HydroSilex was the first water-based ceramic coating in the world and has had major impacts on the DIY automotive market globally.

Ben’s main focus in recent years is as the Managing Director of Nordic Chem which is a fusion of antimicrobial technology and HydroSilex solutions to bring a innovative product to the hygiene and surface protection market.