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David McIntyre

Chief Executive Officer - Cubbie

David, the CEO of Cubbie is dyslexic and co-founded the business with his wife, Diane. They have four children. Two are autistic and dyslexic. Until they noticed their children’s sensory sensitivity, they had no idea about autism. Their children’s school tried to help, but they, too, struggled for reliable knowledge and effective resources. Like the teachers, David and his wife found this frustrating. Through personal experience, David and Diane learned fast about the extent of sensory regulation problems in schools and wider society. Without proper support, sensory stress gets in the way of many students’ education. There had to be a better way. David understands technology and is an engineer by trade. He used his engineering skills and Diane’s software skills, plus an incredible amount of spare time to address sensory overload in a new and effective way. They wanted to use technology to help their children and everyone with sensory needs participate more actively in school and society. The result is Cubbie. Cubbie is distinguished by being an easy-to-use, immersive, safe, personal space of sound and vision free of disruptions, driven by software and wheelchair friendly. Cubbie predictably & reliably helps students regulate their senses in 5- 15 minutes. Schools with a Cubbie can successfully support between 20 and 30 students a day. There are over 70 Cubbies across the UK and Ireland helping thousands of neurodivergent students have a better day.