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Julie Robinson

Independent Schools Council (Confirmed)

Julie Robinson was a teacher, housemistress and head of two prep schools, then ran Education and Training for IAPS. In 2015, Julie joined Independent Schools Council, the voice of the sector nationally, lobbying the government at policy level and representing independent schools in the media. ISC’s research, data and analysis inform campaigning on behalf of the independent education sector and Julie is actively involved in sharing messaging, appearing in the national media and contributing to books and articles about independent education.  ISC is the coordinating body bringing together AGBIS, GSA, HMC, ISA, IAPS, ISBA and the Society of Heads along with affiliates BSA, COBIS, SCIS and WISC to inform and promote the sector. Julie is also a parent and a school governor for independent and state schools.

  • How can independent schools prepare for an uncertain future underneath a potential new Government?
  • What are the main issues for school leaders now and what should they be doing?
  • How can schools continue to attract top students and deliver a value for money service in the face of rising fees?
  • In what way are independent schools affected by negative stigma and how can this be contested?