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Kate Richards

Chief Inspector
Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) (Confirmed)

As Chief Inspector, Kate is responsible for the inspectorate, the strategic design of the inspection frameworks in England and overseas and the entire end to end inspection process for ISI.  Kate’s key focus is on ensuring that inspection focuses on the pupils by challenging and supporting schools to safeguard and develop their learners as effectively as possible. She oversees the recruitment, training and quality assurance of inspectors as well as the scheduling, delivery and completion of all inspections.  She also represents the professional expertise of ISI at national and international level. Prior to joining ISI, as an experienced inspector, school leader and consultant Kate worked extensively with a wide range of schools, trusts, a national charity and local authorities.

How Can School Ensure Outstanding ISI Pupil Outcomes for All Students?

    • What are the highest impact strategies for raising academic and personal attainment for all pupils?
    • Considering effective marking and feedback systems which enable pupils to understand and improve their learning and performance, what are the lessons learned?
    • How can schools use data analytics and insights effectively, engage staff in the observation process and successfully self-evaluate?
    • Developing a vision for your school: what are the necessary components to raise the profile and impact of teaching across the whole curriculum?
    • How can we enhance innovation, imagination and efforts to develop children in ways that go beyond the league tables?
    • Inspections: how can you successfully provide evidence to demonstrate successful pupils outcomes ahead of your inspection?
    • Viewing the ISI inspection process as an opportunity rather than a challenge.
    • Managing the “fear factor” – Tackling staffroom culture, preconceptions and attitudes towards inspection
    • How a successful inspection preparation and process will lead to positive, lasting pupil outcomes in all areas of school life: academic, pastoral and co-curricular
    • The impact of inspection outcomes on school business growth