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Malcolm Mckinlay

Parkgate House School (Confirmed)

Malcolm Mckinlay is Headmaster of Parkgate House School, where pupil well-being has always come first and foremost. Malcolm, in association with Jigsaw PSHE, has put together a Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit for use in schools, which allows staff to monitor and build pupil's resilience in a manageable way. He believes that building resilience in schools, helps ensure that children can deal with life's ups and downs and reach their full potential.

How Can Schools Promote Good Mental Health From Pupils To Heads?

  • Outlining the role of Government’s reforms to tackle the mental health crisis; is the new Green Paper helping?
  • Exploring the importance of extra-curricular activities to maintaining good mental health
  • SEND leadership: how can you create an inclusive culture in your school and support wellbeing?
  • Examining how the key skills of critical thinking, healthy stress coping mechanisms and emotional literacy can be nurtured throughout a child’s development
  • Improving teacher retention and ensuring well-being through the provision of effective support
  • Engaging pupils, parents and practitioners with issues of sexuality and gender