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Richard Johnson

Deputy-Chief Inspector
Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) (Confirmed)

How Can School Ensure Outstanding ISI Pupil Outcomes for All Students?

    • What are the highest impact strategies for raising academic and personal attainment for all pupils?
    • Considering effective marking and feedback systems which enable pupils to understand and improve their learning and performance, what are the lessons learned?
    • How can schools use data analytics and insights effectively, engage staff in the observation process and successfully self-evaluate?
    • Developing a vision for your school: what are the necessary components to raise the profile and impact of teaching across the whole curriculum?
    • How can we enhance innovation, imagination and efforts to develop children in ways that go beyond the league tables?
    • Inspections: how can you successfully provide evidence to demonstrate successful pupils outcomes ahead of your inspection?
    • Viewing the ISI inspection process as an opportunity rather than a challenge.
    • Managing the “fear factor” – Tackling staffroom culture, preconceptions and attitudes towards inspection
    • How a successful inspection preparation and process will lead to positive, lasting pupil outcomes in all areas of school life: academic, pastoral and co-curricular
    • The impact of inspection outcomes on school business growth