Extend your reach

To help our community of sponsors and our wider audience of suppliers reach, connect and engage with senior decision-makers in the Schools Sector, we have set up a series of webinars. The first of which will take place on 25th June 2020 (11am-12pm) – see full details below.


Be part of a panel of experts

Including the Independent Schools Association, Clifton College and the Independent Schools Council as we look ahead, out of lockdown to discuss:

How schools can safely transition children back into a school learning environment, without sparking a resurgence in infections
The challenges of integrating technology in teaching and the impact on students, teachers and parents
If online delivery will become a permanent feature in teaching going forward and how schools can preserve the magic of learning in a virtual classroom 
What financial modelling might look like for blended learning?
How schools can continue to maintain brand position and prove ‘value add’ and preserve parent loyalty, at a time of crisis

WEBINAR | 25 June

With Crisis comes Opportunity: What lessons can be learned from online teaching? 

In a matter of weeks COVID-19 changed how students around the world were educated. The closure of schools not only shook reality but reshaped the perception of what 21st century learning could be. This change has been the perfect catalyst for schools to innovate quicker and overhaul entrenched institutional approaches to learning.  

As private schools remain anxious about the future, we ask if this crisis will see educators embrace ‘the learning anywhere, anytime’ concept. 

Speakers include:

What are the benefits of sponsoring?

Whether you want to lead the conversation around independent schools or generate brand awareness in your target sector, there are packages available to help you achieve these goals.

Alongside speaking opportunities, sponsors will benefit from promotion and branding coverage on the live webinar, your brand featured on all promotional emails and social media about the webinar, sent to delegates of the live event in November and our wider education community.

Who Should Partner this Webinar?

Partners will supply one or more of the following solutions:
  • Teaching platforms
  • Assessment Platforms
  • Academic Reporting Platforms 
  • Admin and Data Management Platform
  • Cloud
  • Budget and Financial Planning tools
  • Web Monitoring, Filtering and Safeguarding tools

What are the costs to get involved?

Our entry-level package, limited to 3 organisations, starts at £2000+VAT and will guarantee the promotion of your brand.

Our Headline Partner package, exclusive to one company, includes sitting on our panel of experts to address the audience of 300 independent schools professionals costs £5,000+VAT.

Who will be viewing this Webinar?

We will deliver this strictly public sector webinar to a 300 strong audience of:
  • Headmasters/Headmistresses  
  • Heads of Boarding
  • Heads of Prep
  • Bursars 
  • Heads of Learning 
  • Heads of Recruitment
  • Head of Subject/ Year 
  • Facilities Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Directors of Digital Learning
  • Heads of IT
  • Heads of Facilities Management